Web-to-print without pitfalls


Web-to-print or web, online or remote publishing accelerates the web-based production of your communication media based on predefined templates. With brix:papilio, you can create CI/CD-compliant, individually personalized publications on a decentralized basis and place print jobs independently.

Simplify your publishing processes for 

  • Business stationery (business cards, stationery, etc.)
  • Advertisements and posters
  • invitations
  • fact sheets
  • Brochures and Flyers

and in future you will be able to present yourself uniformly on the market despite your individual characteristics. The highlight: You can significantly reduce costs by using standardized templates for the creation and reuse of print products.

The experts at brix cross media will work with you to develop a publishing solution that meets your requirements.

Convincing advantages

Save creative costs

Why pay a lot of money to agencies for small, recurring changes.

Implement CI/CD consistently

From now on you will experience a harmonious market appearance instead of design chaos.

Faster on the market

Simply delegate the creation of uniform advertising material to the outside world.

Templates by occasion

Present uniformly but with an individual touch on the market.

Assured quality

Despite decentralized data entry, you ensure an error-free appearance.

Keeping an overview

Create transparency and maintain control over all productions.

Clever functions

A modern web-to-print system is intuitive to use and offers useful functions: 

  • Definition of fixed, selectable, preselectable and free fields (text and image)
  • Upload your own pictures within the limits of the guidelines
  • Entry of dependencies between input fields
  • autonomous administration of predefined content and dependencies
  • Approval of orders by a supervisory authority
  • Definition of special formats Specification of order information for print jobs

brix: papilio with interface to CELUM DAM

With the "brix:papilio online publishing suite" we offer a flexible, easy-to-use W2P solution for decentralized, CI/CD-compliant production of your printed matter. The system can be operated as a SaaS model ("on demand" solution in the rental model) or as an in-house installation with or without interface to CELUM DAM. Learn more about brix:papilio with all advantages for customers, agencies and partners on the special product page.