Your central unit for all product information

A Product Information Management System (PIM) helps you to collect, harmonize and distribute your marketing-relevant and technical product data from any source in a central location via the required distribution channels. 

Akeneo PIM is an intuitive, multi-channel capable tool that quickly increases your productivity. The convincing open source system is either directly integrated into your system environment or you use it as a cloud solution. Either way, Akeneo is the new central hub for all your product data, such as

  • Marketing data (article numbers, descriptions, units, prices, stories)
  • Technical data (masses, sizes, specifications, ingredients)
  • Design data (colours, materials)

In combination with CELUM DAM – the central media hub – and the upcoming Akeneo Connector, product media data (images, PDFs, videos) can also be linked and used automatically.

Bring system and consistency to your product data management and use your valuable time for other priority marketing activities. Our experts will be happy to show you how to install and use Akeneo PIM. 

Convincing advantages

One single data center

Centralize, maintain and distribute all product data uniformly and completely in one place.

Consistent presentation

Create a consistent database – together with employees, producers and suppliers.

Quickly on the market

Accelerate the market introduction of your products substantially – across channels and regions.

More clients

Improve your sales and reduce returns with better product information.

Easy implementation

Whether in-house implementation or cloud solution: we provide you with the right PIM installation.

Use time wisely

Spend less time on product management and more time on profitable marketing promotions.

Collect, harmonize, distribute


Akeneo – PIM quite simple

brix cross media relies on Akeneo, the intuitive PIM system for clever marketers, buyers and e-commerce managers. Take advantage of the efficient response to today's multi-channel marketing requirements and bring efficiency back into your product management or marketing team!